Panda Boy Story Panda Boy: [ENGLISH VERSION] That Man By iKeviinO

26 June 2012

[ENGLISH VERSION] That Man By iKeviinO

((waa...lagu favourite aku...!!! jom dengar sama-sama))

Why can't i seem to look away whenever youre with me
Why does my heart beat like your the only one it sees
Many sleepless nights go by
because Youre always on my mind
When you search in my heart youre all that i will find

And I can't seem to breathe when we kiss
And when you dissappear youre all i miss
You make my night turn day
You make me want to say
That i love you and i'll never change how i feel

So please just stay by my side and be true
Every step that i take Brings me closer to you
When you just say youre mine
You always seem to freeze time
Whenever i'm with you

Whenever there are hard times youre there with me too
Whenever you are with me it always feels so new
No matter how hard i try
you always seem to catch my eye
you make this man feel weak when you say i need you

And when my world turns grey you are there
You turn my life around youre all i need
From this day on please be mine
I know this love made me blind
So please understand that i will always be with you

You taught me what true love is when youre with me
Knowing you are my girl
Knowing you are my world
So please keep holding on even though our road is long
You're the only good i have

every move i make i trip and fall for you
every time your gone its like my hearts in two
you know i need you and i want you to be there

When my heart starts to be you are there
Youre the only one it sees youre all i need
your the only good i have and your the closest thing to heaven
and i'll forever keep you close no matter what happends

And when a shooting star falls i stay still
Because you are my wish the only girl that i miss
so please just take my hand i don't want this love to end
for you i'll be that man


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